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Payroll Reporting

Powerful Reporting

powerful reporting

Premier Payroll offers hundreds of reports providing our clients with comprehensive and customizable information to review every aspect of payroll. All reports can be printed, retrieved through online payroll, encrypted email, or secure online portal. Reports can be exported in PDF, Word, Excel, CSV or RTF. Reports can also be quickly created through our Rapid Report tool.

Our report production tool allows us to set up a customizable report package for each client. Reports can be generated and sent automatically on a custom frequency for the current pay date, month, quarter and year to date. For example, our system can automatically send a quarter to date payroll register on the last pay of the quarter. Not only can the entire payroll package be sent electronically, we can send a single report electronically to our customer or send a New Hire Report to the state each time you add an employee. We can even order the printing of the reports to your specification!

Sample Reports